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My Christmas gift to you? The world’s greatest Christmas game.

Losers •
Elf Bowling •
The Bite Before Christmas •
Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa •

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  1. Please play some Geometry Dash next, there are 2 more gauntlets

  2. Matt try the new levels in paint the town red!

  3. Play doki doki literature club or play fallout 4 two REALLY good games math

  4. I love you mattshea marry me please;-)(^^)😍😘💏💑ur manly 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  5. M
    M A
    M A T
    M A T T
    M A T T S
    M A T T S H
    M A T T S H E
    M A T T S H E A
    M A T T S H E A G
    M A T T S H E A G O
    M A T T S H E A G O T
    M A T T S H E A G O T O
    M A T T S H E A G O T O G
    M A T T S H E A G O T O G O
    M A T T S H E A G O T O G O O
    M A T T S H E A G O T O G O O G
    M A T T S H E A G O T O G O O G L
    M A T T S H E A G O T O G O O G L E

    Ok seriously matt go to google translate go to samli -> english where it thinks youre typing samli then type chopped up (li ke th is su pe r ch op pe d up) and it will say some serioulsy foccked up shet

  6. I havent played Elf Bowling in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time

  7. Oh my goodness I remember elf bowling from years ago
    My dad used to play it with me when I was so much younger
    Looking back on it, he probably shouldn't have but oh well

  8. they invented the dab before we ever heard about it

  9. You are under arrest the dab police will get you

  10. Just had a sidemen audio book ad. Best 1 minute and 30 seconds of my life!

  11. You know your favorite youtuber is crazy when they say "EVEN IF IT GETS ME DEMONITIZED"

  12. mmaan i use to play that santa bowling killing elf on ds lite !!! (i am realising i was a bit young for it)

  13. I used to always play that elf bowling game as a kid

  14. used to play elf bowling with my dad like 7 years ago

  15. i had elf bowling as a child on ds i love this

  16. I loved Elf Bowling as a kid! Hitting the reindeer over the head with the bowling ball was always fun.


  18. Anyone else played the elf bowling on the DS? 😂

  19. Elf bowling was my childhood back in the day. My favorite things were hitting the animals with the ball or listening to the elves 😂😂😂

  20. Why am i watching this in january
    Edit: holy crap i had elf bowling on the ds

  21. I love how the elves are dancing to the rhythm during transition screen

  22. SHE DABED!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh she DABED oh oh oh SHE DABED OHHH!!!!!!!

  23. No wasting money on underdeveloped games in the halls.

  24. Damn, I love the Elf Bowling(or maybe it was Shuffleboard) game, but the one I played was that you go against Kringle Claus and (I think it was the vacation version) and you also get to kill penguins which were in the background in an iceberg sliding

  25. Omg I played the elf bowling game when I was like 9 😂

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