Top 10 Board Game Christmas Gifts -

Top 10 Board Game Christmas Gifts

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My Top 10 board games to buy as Christmas gifts this year. Starring Timmy, Mum and Barry.
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10. Mysterium Park

9. Schotten Totten 2

8a. Top of the Pops

8b. MTV

8c. Blockbuster



5. Detective: Season One

4. Meeple Land

3. MicroMacro

2. Spicy

1. Herd Mentality

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  1. There are links to buy the games in the description 🤓

  2. Three of these just made my Christmas list, even if one might not make it in time. Thanks!

  3. Three of these just made my Christmas list, even if one might not make it in time. Thanks!

  4. How is Mysterium Park different from the original Mysterium!? 🙂

  5. Great video as always, thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Great video as always, thanks for the recommendations!

  7. How is Mysterium Park different from the original Mysterium!? 🙂

  8. Well now I wish I saw that before I ordered gifts on Amazon

  9. Although we are a family that likes board games, we never really progressed beyond Monopoly and Twister. So about a week ago, while looking for better games, I stumbled upon Tabletop which lead me this morning, via Reddit, to your brilliant channel.

    I watched the Xmas 2020 one, then immediately made my wife watch it when she got back from school run. A perfect blend of info and comedy. I did an actual lol (I'm sure you've never heard someone say that before!)

    Keep up the good work!!

  10. Jon, Could we say that Parks would nicely replace Tokaido in some collections, or both survive in the same shelf?

  11. Thank you very much for the kind video and for mention the Spicy.:) Have a Wonderful Christmas and greetings from Hungary!
    Zoltan (the board game designer of the Spicy card game)

  12. Thanks, this is how I lost Whamageddon during a year that was practically a gimme due to social distancing.

  13. First Time viewer and great really helpful video thanks

  14. Holy shit, I have never came across such a fantastic list of games. I went "oh, that would be perfect for person x/y/z/…" for literally every game on your list!

  15. Such a great Top 10!
    Schotten Totten is one of my favorites to play with my partner. Detective is awesome, but we enjoyed Sherlock's files as much. I would add New York Zoo or Paleo in the list.

  16. Brilliant as always! I look forward to your Christmas videos every year. Several genuine "laugh out loud" moments. I'm always careful to make sure I'm not taking a drink of anything while watching your videos! Keep up the great work!

  17. It's two spicy
    Nice joke)
    Because two and two sound similar

  18. Herd Mentality is a family favourite. Also played it over Zoom with work colleagues! The best part is the banter/debates/arguments over people's answers and the high five moments when your answer matches with only one other player but you still win!

  19. Don’t dead open inside: the t-shirt. I’m in.

  20. I don't know how you can be so consistently quality in every way – recommendations, writing, and production value. Only thing fulller than the heart seeing with the whole family cast is my shopping cart now 🙂 happy Christmas and 2021 to my absolute favorite channel!

  21. You are soo funny, it was a blast to watch! Also, super good selection of games!! Thanks for the video

  22. I love a game that's very similar to Herd Mentality, it's called Hive Mind and it's pretty much exactly the same thing, except you have to list 3-5 things instead of just 1.
    I enjoy playing it because the cards are very well written to make funny prompts, and often our group just makes up our own cards as well. Some examples:
    Name 3 famous cats.
    Name 4 fictional planets.
    Name the 3 sexiest Pokemon.
    Name your favorite 5 cards in a 52 card deck.

  23. The first time I watched one of your videos with the impressions I thought they were hilarious. Now I’m only probably the 5th and I’m now just weirdly impressed how well developed the characters are, they are so consistent!

  24. I know I'm watching this in January (so missed the Christmas season a bit), but I would just like to say this is VERY entertaining! This is an amazingly well done video! The games and explanations are all awesome (as usual), but the acting as the family members is just the icing on the cake!

  25. Came for the gift advice. Subscribed for the humor 👍

  26. The chapter at 4:01 is supposed to be Top of the Pops / MTV. It's incorrectly labeled as still Schotten Totten.

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