Top 10 Board Games to Play At Christmas -

Top 10 Board Games to Play At Christmas

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🔟 Word on the Street –
9️⃣ Las Vegas –
8️⃣ Timeline –
7️⃣ Sushi Go –
6️⃣ Camel Up –
5️⃣ Cockroach Poker –
4️⃣ Ticket to Ride –
3️⃣ Wink –
2️⃣ Concept –
1️⃣ Telestrations –
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  1. Great video! Keep up the great work. Think I'll be investing in Telestrations….

  2. Definitely bought Concept and Timeline after watching this. A couple friends and I just started getting into cooperative games this year. We started with Pandemic, clearly a gateway drug, and just bought Dead of Winter which seems more complex but still really neat. Any chance of a segment on co-op/semi co-op/mostly friendly games to play with people who like games but aren't necessarily out to beat each other?

  3. Great video, made me chuckle and had a few great picks. I always travel with a few games when I head back to folks' house but Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Wits and Wagers and Codenames will certainly be coming along with me this Christmas.

    You've made me consider bringing Concept as well – I absolutely love it, but I've played so many games of it that have fallen completely flat and I have seen a fair few people completely freeze under the pressure they feel when playing the game, so I'm still undecided… I'm definitely going to be checking out Word on the Street too – that seems right up my family's alley.

  4. well … Telestrations … it really needs a bunch of people … it cannot be such a fun with only four people …
    It's something like Drawception … you can find it on net … you'll enjoy it 😀

  5. Dicetower or tabletop should hire you, you just by yourself bring more entertainment To the table then all them other folks! + ur quite a handsome fella mate!

  6. Nice Vid. Question about Timeline. There are many packs. If I were to buy 2 or more packs, can I mix them together or are they meant to be played separate?

  7. Really well done, I was entertained the whole review

  8. "I'm adopted?" LOL. Your channel is awesome.

  9. Really awesome videos. Can't wait for more! 😀

  10. Awesome video of Jon, thanks so much for making it.

  11. You're so funny! I am loving your videos!

  12. Brilliantly funny (and informative). My 9-year old son and I have watched your video multiple times and have been repeating lines from your video for several days.

  13. Jon, your videos are wonderful. You are fantastic! Also, I love the box of chocolates analogy for card drafting. Brilliant!

  14. I'm pretty sure that game is called Camel Cup, not Camel Up.

  15. I'm so glad I found your channel. It's brilliant! Thanks

  16. This Christmas we started playing Letters to Santa, which is just Love Letters with a Christmas theme.

    Your skits are fantastic. Gave you a follow on Twitter too.

  17. Just found your channel and love it. Thanks for the laughs!😂

  18. Too funny, great acting and reviews haha subbed

  19. you make learning about these new games fun and easy. I really love your concept and I laugh!!! keep it up!

  20. This honestly was the most entertaining and informative board game review/list video ive ever seem! Good stuff!

  21. Awesome video! Thanks for the great ideas for filling out my Christmas wish list!

  22. I've been enjoying binge-watching your videos. Here it is February 2017 and I just watched this video. I'm happy to note that this past Christmas, my family played and enjoyed six of these ten games: Timeline (Challenge), Sushi Go (Party), Camel Up, Ticket to Ride, Concept, and Wink. Wink is a especially silly blast! So I can testify that this list has great recommendations. Thank you!

  23. Watching this in early 2017 again because it was suggested and I remembered liking it (it was my intro to your channel)… Barry's anti-immigrant line was funny then, now I think of Brexit and Trump and… well… this video seems more foreboding than funny in some way…

  24. I didn't really know about Wink before this vid. Thanks for introducing me to it!

    Fun characters. I dig your style.

  25. Some great stuff. We've had some real fun with Animal Upon Animal (I know it's not your dexterity of choice, but after a big lunch and a few drinks win the family it's easy fun). It came out after this list, but Deception Murder In Hong Kong is wonderful for your CSI loving sibling or Poirot adoring family member.

  26. This made me laugh soooooo hard. Great list of good options. Probably would have included Codenames rather than Sushi Go. Drafting perplexes a lot of people, even with the great chocolate example. 🙂

  27. But, it just isn’t Christmas without a good ol’ fashion Monopoly flip.

  28. Lolll, goddamned immigrants. Really. Enjoying your videos. Keep up the great work! Too many games to buy.

  29. Of course there is Monopoly at the beginning of the video. XD Ragequit.

  30. Hello from Seattle. Really enjoy your humor and talent. I've got Camel Up and Ticket to Ride. I got crazy for board games, esp. "Euro" games back in 2016. Best wishes. (And I absolutely LOVE your British accent — music to the ears. 🙂

  31. Hilarious cos everyone with any concerns about immigration is boorish and deeply unpleasant.

  32. Oh man, rewatching this because christmas. Didn't remember this was so funny!

  33. I used to do something similar to telestrations with some friends of mine, each person got a piece of paper and a pen(or pencil) and then started to write some sort of story, when someone was satisfied with whatever they had written(usually no more than 2 lines) they shouted "stop!" and then we folded the paper so that only the last line could be seen and passed the paper to the next player, that player had to continue the story from what was written in the last line, you go on like that until your paper gets back to you, we had sooo many laughs playing this!

  34. Last year Jackbox party pack on Steam was a great Xmas game 🙂

  35. Ure fkn brilliant 🤣 hope u never stop this channel!

  36. yerh i comment on video 4 years old 🙂 nice lists

  37. I have just found your channel and started watching the videos in 2021. So funny, interesting, and informative. For some reason, I especially enjoy the Christmas ones! Please keep the board game videos coming!

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