Top 10 Christmas Games -

Top 10 Christmas Games

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Christmas is the best time to gather friends and family and hang out. Try out these games this Christmas!

Top 10 Christmas lists for you to enjoy during the holiday season!
Santa has a video message waiting for you! Use his PNP-Portable North Pole console to hear it. ✨

10) Christmas Movie Bingo
9) Oven Mitts Games (opening gifts with Oven Mitts)
8) Christmas Dance Freeze (freeze when the music stops)
7) Holiday Share-a-Story
6) Christmas Scavenger Hunt
5) Ring the Reindeer Antlers
4) Christmas Guess Who
3) Gingerbread House Competition
2) Christmas Movie Trivia
1) White Elephant gift Exchange

Join us in our Christmas countdown videos where we’ll celebrate our favorite Christmas movies, music, traditions, food, and more. Share your favorite things about Christmas in the comments below, and who knows — maybe you’ll see your favorite things about Christmas in one of our Top 10 lists!
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  1. I don’t get the point of theses games uggg

  2. Hi santa plzzzz give me a big doll house and plzzzz give me a mobile phone phone. And you are really caming to my house kanpur my house color is pich and red my house is very decorations ok Santa my name Sandhya rajak

  3. Hola santa como estas me gustan muchos los regalos de navidad 😇😇😇🤩🤩🤩

  4. I can't believe that you are real santa can you take my name in next video

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