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Top 10 Christmas Games – Beaver Media

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With the season Upon me I look back at the games that for me personally make me think of christmas. Some of these may not even have anything to do with christmas but hey, its a personal list so You know the saying….. One mans christmas special is another mans….. Hippo.

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  1. Am I the only one that found this channel from beaves latest vid?

  2. Noww this is the last vid of beaver media and the start of gaming beaverrr!!??! Yayy!!! And now he has 2m subs!!!

  3. Also, if you don’t like the fact that he quit this channel, then you should probably don’t like Jurassic Park Builder.

  4. The flamingo but a beaver flamingo has a old channel thats dead its called Albertsstuff and gamingbeaver has beaver media

  5. Hey man I'm ngl i really miss ur vids but I just also hope ur doing well in whatever ur doing
    -a caring fan named Slommy

  6. This channel is the mascot of dead channels

  7. He was the first one to acknowledge Ps2 hagrid

  8. Beaver can you make animations again on beaver media or just do more videos in genral

  9. I hope he comes back to this channel someday. technically this is his MANE channel. his other one is his OTHER channel. But i doubt it. He hasn't posted on this channel for FIVE, WHOLE, YEARS! I'm in 2020 so… yeah.

  10. I found this 5 year old vid and ….

  11. He was so embarrassed about the accidental dot in his name that he had to start a new channel

  12. wait, didn't this used to be his main channel?

  13. Well, bye bye guy I never really watched.

  14. The overwhelming sense nostalgia in every way.

  15. I hope he remembers his password soon✌️

  16. Guys who are waiting for him to upload a vid on this channel 🤣🤣🤣

  17. I'm glad to experience such wonderful guys video
    It's just beautiful
    Thanks for all memory you gave for us

  18. This is my first time seeing this channel lel

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