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Hi everyone! Christmas is around the corner and here is our Top 20 Christmas ESL Games to bring some Christmas spirit in your English classrooms! 😀
At Linguish we use games, activities and crafts based on cooperative learning to make sure our students speak English as much as they can while having fun.

All of these games are part of our language learning method. Don’t hesitate to check out some of our others ESL games tutorials and try them in your classroom!

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You will find a more detailed version of each game here:

20. Christmas Present Memory Chain
19. Where’s Jingle Bell
18. Santa Polo
17. Mystery Present
16. Make a Snowflake
15. Who took the present from Santa’s bag?
14. Wild Card
13. Orchestra Chef
12. Let’s go Carolling
11. Gingerbread House Craft
10. In the Christmas Tree
9. 12 days of Christmas
8. Human Christmas Tree
7. Relay Race
6. Santa’s Letter
5. Christmas Tree Game
4. Pin the clothes on Santa
3. Paper Fortune Teller
2. Santa on the Hill
1. Where’s Santa?

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Have fun teaching these ESL games in your classroom!

The Linguish Team


  1. Very nice recap. Thank you! I'll play pin the clothes on Santa with my pupils, I think.Santa on the hill might be fun too I guess after a few others games.

  2. i'd like that boldy guy to be my christmas present.

  3. Number 17 would've been better if they'd used a "20 questions" type of thing to ask what was in the mystery present.

  4. I'm definitely doing numbers 8 and 4 next Monday! Thank you.

  5. I love the use gestures associated with common expressions.

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