Top 3 Christmas Party Games -

Top 3 Christmas Party Games

Love Always, Angi
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Here are our top 3 Christmas party games for your next celebration. These Christmas games are budget friendly Christmas games. If you’re looking for Minute to Win It style Christmas games for all ages, our top 3 Christmas party games are perfect for you. Fun to play and to plan for, easy on the budget, and family friendly, I hope you’ll try our top 3 Christmas party games at your next holiday gathering.

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  1. A fun variation of the Right/Left Game if all participants are mobile and agile enough is to place chairs in a circle with one or two more chairs than just to make some room . The gifts are placed under the chairs and instead of passing the games, people move to the right or left and get the gift under the chair they are in when the game ends.

  2. Love these ideas – will surely try them this year. Thank you

  3. We will have a small, intimate Christmas this year, but I think these games would be great for our next family reunion!

  4. i do wrap game and i include vegetables just for laughs hahaha like baby carrots and radish hahah

  5. We have plenty of saran wrap game in the past its a lot of fun! Going to try the right left game as well❤

  6. Thanks so much for the game ideas. I am always wanting to keep the party going after the presents are opened.

  7. Boy it be fun to come at your house to play those games thank you so much for sharing God bless and you have a merry Christmas

  8. These look great! Wish I had family to play them with, but I’ll pass it along to others. Thanks so much for posting! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🐝🎄🎄🎄🎄💕

  9. Your Saran ball game is tame compared to ours!! It’s so fun!

  10. The female family members would never put the Santa hat on because it would mess up their hair😁

  11. I enjoyed watching your family have a awesome time with lots of laughter & cheers. This show plenty of family social culture & values.

  12. We play the Saran Wrap game, but the unwrapper has to wear oven mitts.

  13. Just played this. but we had to roll a 2 and a 5 before stopping the unwrap.

  14. The plastic wrap ball game we do but u have to wear oven mittens.. makes it a little more challenging.

  15. We play a slightly different variation of the oven mitt game. I play this with my adult kids and their spouses. Same game play — while someone is trying to unwrap, the next person is rolling for doubles. However, in addition to over mitts, they also have to put on a Santa hat which is giving the roller a few more seconds of rolling. I usually put a good prize in a sturdy box and wrap it. Then I wrap it again with a different paper, then I do the same thing again. I've been knows to use up to 12-14 wraps! When the person in trying to unwrap, they're only allowed to pull off one pattern of the paper before they can start unwrapping the next paper. The kids absolutely love it!

  16. cant wait to try with our family.Thank You for posting!

  17. Oh I can't wait to try the right left game this year,something different!!!

  18. I had so much fun putting this left, right game together… I know my family will go nuts playing this game!!! Thank you for the great suggestion! Merry Christmas to you ❤🎉

  19. I hope you all enjoy this video in which I share with you the fun games we've played on Christmas day. Let me know what games you've played or what games you have planned.

  20. I love these games! This past weekend I had my annual ugly Christmas sweater party and did the first two but the last game left,Right I’ve never heard of. We usually do the white elephant but I think we’ll switch it up next year and do this one! Thank you for a wonderful video and merry Christmas 😊🧡

  21. I kinda like the white elephant gift game.

  22. Hysterical! 🤣 I have to try the saran wrap ball! And right/left… too fun! Thank you for sharing! 🤗

  23. Loved your video! we already do saran wrap game , but we will add the other 2. Thanks so much, Merry Christmas to you and your family

  24. You guys had so much fun with these games. All are super fun but my fav was the passing presents games. I'm definitely doing these new year. Thanx for sharing. Happy New Year luv

  25. We play these too! This year I’m going to add the L-R-C Dice and whom ever wins each round, gets to pick a prize…. I’m going to have some wrapped & some unwrapped…there will be a couple “whammies” in there too. I pot some “coal” candy to wrap for one of the whammies. Merry Christmas!

  26. Never did the last game is the nite before Christmas story

  27. Yes, that Saran Wrap game is the best! We played it last TG and now my family wants to do it again. 😂😩

  28. These are great ideas! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  29. Thanks for the ideas! I'm excited to try the last one!

  30. Where do you find the stories for right left

  31. Great tfs,,, this will b the first yr of doing the Saran Wrap game,, can’t wait,,, thxs again

  32. Great video! I’ve watched a few on this subject and this was my favorite.

  33. I love them! I will definitely try to do the Saran Wrap and the left right game.

  34. I love it!! I’m going to do this at my aunts house for our Christmas Eve dinner. I’m in charge of games. Thank you. You saved Christmas 🎄

  35. Love all of the games! Definitely going to do at least the left-right and the plastic wrap games this Christmas Eve!

  36. We have our own version of the”left right” game basically we pick a random Christmas song and draw a random Christmas theme word and play the song and every time the song says that word we pass the gift to the right and then depending on how many times the gifts were passed we either play another song or open the gifts

  37. My adult family of siblings have an annual get together & play the plastic wrap game. It's a big hit!! I think we'll switch it up & play left-right game this year. Thanks for the game fun!!!

  38. Great ideas, will definitely try the right/left game next year.

  39. We are doing our Christmas today and going to play all three games. Thank you so much for the ideas. I set a saran wrap ball as a gift with my son to the in laws, they loved it!

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