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Top 5 Christmas Games – Jimmy Whetzel

Jimmy Whetzel
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Here’s a fun little video that I wanted to make because CHRISTMAAAAASS!!! What’s your favorite Christmas time game?
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HUGE thanks to TailsChannel for letting me use his gameplay of Christmas NiGHTS in this video.


  1. Christmas is the holiday I never experienced in Animal Crossing, because I never have time to play Animal Crossing, because of the new games I get around that time 😛

  2. Kirby's Epic Yarn really does have some great visibals.

  3. Clearly Cave Story has the best Christmas themed easter egg XD

  4. Thank you for putting Animal Crossing in here!

  5. Aaaaw I thought Kingdom Hearts series would had made it into the list…

  6. Minecraft=beautiful hahaha don't let me laugh, Minecraft has bad graphics (i don't like Minecraft at all)

  7. What u said wit ketchin up on games is wat imma do wit alpha saphire

  8. Nice choice of games, and Merry Christmas Jimmy!

  9. I love how at 1:05 Jimmy said "It's a great message for kids to know that giving is important around this time of year",
    but he put a picture of the kid separating Mario and Yoshi so they can't make cookies. LOL 

  10. QOTD: whatever i get for christmas that year. btw that doesnt work when it is online LOL PSN BROKE its back tho

  11. this video should have been called 5 games to play on christmas…. christmas games sounds like games about christmas like snowball fights or something

  12. Your voice seems so much more theatrical and emotion-filled, I can tell even still you are getting more comfortable speaking on camera, or you're just really hyped thinking about Christmas 😛

  13. 2:25
    I got a blanket like that…
    I will treasure it for years to come.

  14. Why is club penguin not here? Without club penguin christmas is not christmas for me but atleast u had animal crossing on this list 🙂

  15. 3:58 lmao xD
    Noice list. Your videos keep getting better and better 😉

  16. "Through the power of a magic sock, Yes that's actually what happens"

    "The Story, Yes there's a story in this demo"

    Who's doubting you!? If anything the sheeple who watch your videos bombard me unceasingly if I even slightly step-out side of your opinion.

    I don't even see how something as a sock being a character in a yarn based game is weird or how a Story in a game that got the #1 spot can even have someone say… "Hold up Jimmy, "A sock in Epic Yarn" you must have gotten the good stuff for Christmas, I mean I would never associate Yarn and Socks"

    if anytrhing needs it's a second reassurance it would be a Japanese game, and I don't mean Kirby or Nights but Katamari or Chu Chu Rocket, but honestly after playing Katamari I don't think that ANYTHING IN VIDEO games needs a double especially something as redundant as a story.

    and I feel I'm being a little harsh and the bandits are going to jump me again and tear me a new one while hailing you as the holy messiah, I mean calling out the over use of an unfunny joke on the creator's birthday, Who do I think I am!?


  18. Me and my brother got kirbys epic yarn for Christmas when I was 7 and I went crazy I loved it

  19. i always eat pickels when i watch jontron

  20. I hate Minecraft. One of my least favorite games. 

  21. it would be nice to see you do a review on super mario sunshine

  22. What about robot unicorn attack xmas edition?!?

  23. Sorry no videos and tell I get freaky forms deluxe for a we ordered off the week you guys are delayed until Friday to have lunch available and you freaky for me to review

  24. Rewatching this video to get into the christmas mood. Don't judge the fact that it's late august, I'm getting an early start, OKAY??

  25. I feel so weird watching this at Halloween LMAO

  26. Christmas time for me is like dead under the fan because it's so hot drinking cold stuff

  27. It annoys me this video doesn't have more views. It's probably one of my favorite videos of yours Jimmy, I come back to it all the time. <3

  28. Can always find a way to make a game Christmas-y, can't you?

  29. Someone buy him a Kirby or Yoshi blanket this Xmas and make his day

  30. Huh, so Burrito Jim has been a thing for longer than I thought.

  31. Are you going to review Yoshi's Wool World? Btw this list rocks, I wanna play Knights😱

  32. finishes turkey
    puts on Santa hat and starts Christmas playlist

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