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Top 5 Friday – N64 – Christmas Games

N64 Glenn Plant
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Each week I take a theme and select my top 5 n64 games with that theme. If you have a suggestion for next weeks theme leave a comment below or video response. Also let me know what would be your top 5 list!


  1. This series ended too soon. Can only hope Mr. Plant gets back to it one day.

  2. Did anyone else use the turtle I. Diddy kong racing just because they've always used koopa troopa in Mario kart? Next top 5? Hmmm too 5 underrated n64 games.

  3. Good job… I loved that star wars game when i was a kid

  4. Yup, a "Top 5 Underrated N64 Games" would be great for us collectors, as well as a "Top 5 Japanese N64 Games to import" 😀

  5. I am 11 and I have tloz ocarina of time on my christmas list !!!

  6. Yeah, probably. I have mines as well. Body Harvest among them.

    Hahaha, which N64 games to import? Well, maybe a RPG because the N64 has not many. Super Robot Taisen would be a good example. Also some exclusive ones like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Sin & Punishment.
    In my collection I have the japanese versions of Mischief Makers and Goemon's Great Adventure because of the extras and the original voices.
    I guess it's kind of subjective =/

  7. Your games all look so…. New! Some great games there.

  8. Diddy Kong Racing also has a special place in my heart since it was my very first Nintendo 64 game. I got it on Christmas of 1997 (the N64 wasn't released until September 1997 here in France). Oh, the memories from 15 years ago…

  9. I do not think there is a single person who has played Ocarina of Time who does not have a story surrounding playing it.

  10. I think top 5 infuriating N64 games should be the next one!

  11. *same as mine, except goldeneye in at number 4

  12. it would be an interesting one because the n64 has a reputation for not having good traditional racing games but it has a decent selection of cartoon/ arcade/ futuristic ones

  13. How about a top arcade style racers even? N64 rocks! 😀

  14. How about a top 5 arcade style racers even? N64 rocks! 😀

  15. Looking forward to it already Glenn! Keep up the good work!

  16. are there more than 5 rpg on n64? (no trollin intended)

  17. No banjo kazooie lol??? Love the list! Good stuff.

  18. Whats the deal with all your boxes having those black borders on the front?

  19. I didn't know you reviewed Diddy Kong Racing. Was it on a different channel?

  20. banjo kazooie had a great Christmas level.

  21. wow i got diddy kong racing on christmas too…magnificent game

  22. Glenn, love your old top 5 Friday’s. Would love to see you do top 5 3d platformers on n64, as well as top 5d adventure games. Also, would love a top 5 n64 games for you of all time. Thanks and keep it up!

  23. Nice list I just bought a complete in box copy of Diddy Kong Racing. Came in the mail yesterday. It was like Christmas when I was opening the package Esp since they had the game wrapped up in like 3 different boxes to protect it during shipping. Love DKR!

  24. Christmas 1999 I got WWF WrestleMania 2000, Pokemon Snap and Super Smash Bros. and
    Christmas 2000 I got WWF No Mercy.

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