TripleJump Podcast 147: Christmas Games – Why Are They So Bad? -

TripleJump Podcast 147: Christmas Games – Why Are They So Bad?

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Join Ben Potter, Peter Austin, and Ashton Matthews, as they run through some listener questions, what they’re playing, some weird gaming news, and ask the immortal question – Is it possible to actually make a good Christmas-themed game? What about Square Enix removing Final Fantasy XIV from stores, because it’s just too popular and the servers can’t keep up with demand? This is the TripleJump gaming podcast.

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18:43 What We Playin’
1:14:57 Big Discussion


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  1. How about a Krampus game? The protagonist is some dick kid, you have to evade Krampus for say an hour, the genre isn't new but the take on a Christmas game might be.

  2. I think a stealth/puzzle game where you play as a parent and have to bring in/hide/wrap presents and get them under the tree without the kids seeing.

  3. Back in the isolation stations? MERRY CRIMBLES GUYS (AND GALS!)

  4. Home alone was Fox, but now it's Disney. If you want a good Home Alone game you might need them to make a good Home Alone movie post sale.

  5. Support TripleJump! Merry Christmas to all members of the Walrus Clan!

  6. Ben's answer to the Christmas film game was what I was expecting when I asked the question. Ashton's murder fuelled Love Actually just made that film better

  7. Ah man Ben's voice is more sexy than usual this episode. If there's one good thing about losing your voice due to illness, it's the day or two you get of having a husky, sexy voice 😂

  8. Gaming Past: Mario 3
    Gaming present (ish): Portal
    Gaming yet to come: the inevitable VR Elder Scrolls.

  9. Batman Arkham Origins is my favourite game that just happens to take place at Christmas

  10. With the FF14 news, they actually were trying to increase their severs’ capabilities, but because of the chip and parts shortages still being ongoing, they’ve unable to. Not even paying above market price for the parts has helped them much.

  11. Some of the people mocking Ashtons playing are just toxic guys pissed about a woman on the team.

  12. Have a great holiday season, Jumpers! Stay safe 🎅❤

  13. Thanks for the wonderful content gang! Especially the editor, way to flex on the hosts cheek! Happy New Years Walri!

  14. I second Ashton's recommendation for The Gunk. It's really charming.

  15. Can we please get normal Ben back, Asda Ben is scary

  16. Sick Ben's voice makes him even more sexy…😍

  17. Merry Triple Jumping Christmas!🎄🎁⛄

  18. My new years resolution is to never use FB again.

    Also, Merry Xmen! 🙂

  19. Ben it’s ok to admit that Far Cry 6 is a good game. No one plays bad games for this long

  20. Oh yes, Can't wait for the Mario new years day video!

  21. A Christmas game I can imagine finding on Steam would be 'Christmas shopping simulator'. A chaotic mission to find the perfect gifts for family on Christmas eve, where the shops close early and the shelves are half empty. Gotta get through crowds and find things vaguely in keeping with the things each person likes

  22. Gaming past: Tetris
    Gaming present: Mario Odyssey
    Gaming future: Elder Scrolls 6 (which is so far in the future it might loop around and become gaming past)

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