try this game at your next christmas party -

try this game at your next christmas party

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to make this gift game kid-friendly, we ensured all the kids in the beginning that everyone would get a gift. we also allowed them to trade gifts if they wanted to at the end.


  1. My school made us do that for activity period at the end of the day but with little cones 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Old bold midget man Giving me the creeps

  3. What a kool gift the baby was the best

  4. The kids in family would have a fit out of this world. Would never work. Lol

  5. How's this game works? I can't quite heard back of the music

  6. that game will bring the cry baby's out lmao some kids just hate to loose but at the end yes will be happy butt ehhh.. I'll stick to secret Santa and family traditgames

  7. Oh my gosh. Did it with teenagers and it was hilarious . I've got a short on my channel

  8. How do you play the game? I can't hear with the music playing.

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