Trying TikTok CHRISTMAS PARTY Games | Christmas Party Games For ALL AGES -

Trying TikTok CHRISTMAS PARTY Games | Christmas Party Games For ALL AGES

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I’m trying TikTok Christmas party games in today’s video. Have you played these? I laughed so hard filming and playing these games. At the end, it’s my daughter that I’m talking to and she’s laughing at me off camera.
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  1. Hilarious!! Thank you for sharing the successes and failure at the end! You made my day! Thank you!! ❤😊

  2. Hi thanks so much this help me out so much

  3. Seeing how everyone is happy together with their family this festive season still breaks me. After my husband walked out on me and our three children, it's been hard trying to cope without him, providing for them alone and the house has been mentally and physically draining, I can't even provide for my kids the Christmas presents they have all been longing for.

  4. You show the games but don’t tell what the object is, or explain how you’re playing against other people what you’re supposed to be doing…

  5. A lot of blowing on these. My mom has COPD, unfortunately, so those would be hard.

  6. Why tf would the glass have to be cold 😂😂😂

  7. I was rolling 🤣You are so cute and hilarious. The arm smacking had me holding my belly and cry laughing 😂 Trying some of the games. Thank you 🥹

  8. These were great and fun to watch. :). Uh yeah good move to Nuke that one at 3:00. TikTok is still the Wild West in many ways.

  9. hahaha thats was funny with the paper roll on the floor 🤣

  10. Interesting to watch how you try out these games! Be gentle to your arms, though. LOL.

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