Up or Down Party Game with Solo Cups! #youthministry #minutetowinit #crowdgames #partygames - christmas-games.info

Up or Down Party Game with Solo Cups! #youthministry #minutetowinit #crowdgames #partygames

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  1. Been involved with the Youth Ministry for years… Never have I ever laughed so much. hehehe. Amazing game indeed.

  2. This is a cool game, but a bit unfair. It's much easier to flip the cups over than to balance them standing straight up. Maybe having more people trying to stand the cups up would balance it more? Still, that's just a bit of a nitpick, this seems fun! I'll have to try it when my family gets together for the holidays!

  3. I did this game Wednesday with my youth group and they loved it

  4. We did this in primary school it was the best

  5. wow! if you see this, know u are strong and loved! Jesus loves u no matter what ur past looks like. Jesus loves u and I do too. Have a great day :))

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