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[Vinesauce] Vinny – Christmas Games

Vinesauce: The Full Sauce
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01:12 Airport Security Inspector
18:25 Santa’s Xmas Caper ►
24:22 Funlife: Christmas ►
27:47 Santa: Christmas is Coming ►
33:33 Santa Man ►
36:50 SANTACORPS: Moonlight Tango ►
43:48 Deliver the presents
46:09 Saving Christmas ►
50:37 Surprise Stack ►
59:10 Sweet Pensiveness Christmas ►
01:04:03 The Santa Cookie ►
01:05:44 Christmas Massacre ►

Vinny streams Christmas Games live on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: Dec 22nd, 2019
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December 22nd, 2019 Stream:
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Christmas Games ►
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  1. binet no ploy babey gaem. y u no ploy chute

  2. You may have vine blinded those knives sticking out of the package but I also blinded them before the xray LOL

  3. all these games except the first one were so fucking boring holy shit
    the puppe combo was good tho

  4. 54:45 Vinny's hot and warm story about the Sticky Bandits♡

  5. How you can tell a game about New York was written by someone who has never stepped foot in the state: it calls JFK "New York International Airport", your character only spends half an hour in traffic, and they somehow make enough money to afford rent

  6. I will never forget that horrible 8-bit rendition of Jingle Bells from that UFO snowball fight game last year.
    Well, Happy Festivus, and Merry Christmas! Thanks, Binyot! 😀

  7. 9:44 the cartel could definitely do a better job trying to smuggle their illegal bundles of severed heads and x-acto knives

  8. Okay now listen to me, Santa Claus is not real and Jesus never happened
    -Wario, 2018.

  9. Hey Vinny. I'll TBH, IDK why I like watchin' you play shit like this but I do. Huge thank for do what do. Mary

  10. Does Vinny sound younger??? Did his age shrink three sizes this day???

  11. 47:00 It used to be. The kallikantzaros of Greek mythology is a goblin-like monster that shows up to piss everybody off at Christmas.

  12. The first game was amazing, i wished for more variety in objects. I hope it was free.

  13. No one cared who I was until I put on the onesie.

    EDIT: never mind vinny said it in the video, the clever fucker

  14. I dont think Vinny gets Puppet Combo games. There is no Winning

  15. Surprise duck sneeze is the best christmas present vin can give on stream. So much joy

  16. > sees the coke package literally flooding the table with coke
    > me thinks vinny is just looking it over for the meme
    mfw he sends it as safe

  17. Soulless Pinkamena & Pinkamena Diane Pie says:

    I want to fuck someone, in the butt! 😀

  18. Slandta: The Eight Presants
    [Also, and this is the wrong forum and time for it, but please check out Planet of Blood Thirsty Santa]

  19. Anyone know the noir-sounding track for the Deliver the presents game? 43:48

  20. Does it bother anyone else that D is Safe and S is Danger?

  21. Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord says:

    8:00 Box profusely leaking cocaine
    Vinyot: "Seems good to me!"

  22. Vinny is so uncultured he doesn't know the slang word for skunk.

    Sexy fart squirrel.

  23. s t i n k y s q u i r r e l

  24. the music in the dos one was pretty lit tbh

  25. Tin-Foil Hat Theory: What if the TSA inflates their dangerous stats just so they can justify their existence.

  26. Surprise Stack actually looked like a fun puzzle game

  27. Someone please make a compilation video of all his duck sneezes

  28. Vinny's New Yorker was very strong in this.

  29. I recognize that Santa Corps sound effect from Petz: Ocean Patrol; I wonder if there is any connection.

  30. I hate the TSA ever since they were born I haven't been able to smuggle tropical lizards across the border

  31. I've played suprise stack before, and it's actually one of my favorite games

  32. Wish i could find the Airport Security Inspector game

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