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[Vinesauce] Vinny – Quality Christmas Games

Vinesauce: The Full Sauce
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Vinny streams Quality Christmas Games live on Vinesauce!
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Twitch Livestream of Quality Christmas Games! This is a collection of good/bad/weird Christmas-themed games for PC, the stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88).
Stream date: December 23, 2018
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2:45 – A Christmas Game ►
21:41 – A Very Last Minute Christmas ►
27:34 – Christmas Gift ►
37:50 – Thirstiest Time of the Year ►
45:17 – Santa’s Nightmare ►
50:51 – Santa’s Sweatshop ►
55:22 – Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa (Demo) ►
1:26:19 – Wreck the Party: Christmas Edition ►
1:36:04 – Spud! ►


  1. I remember that damn sprite cranberry commercial last year though…

  2. 20:04 No sooner had the thought "Why are there O-faces on a bunch of badminton birdies?" crossed my mind, Vin so eloquently and astutely spake: "Uh…guh…th–umm, the one with the faces tho?"

  3. Why do you keep eating those beans? That's just vile.. If you want to eat something delicious there's better ways of doing it.

  4. That first song is seriously something from old runescape xD

  5. It's games like A Christmas Game that remain special to me. Games like Mega Man Sprite Game, Luigi's Game, and Scrimmy Bingus that just have their own thing going on. The originality of these games is what I find so strong and sophisticated.

    Yeah, A Christmas Game was quite odd and depressing, but it sure lifted strongly for the first game of this stream.

  6. Jesus this started with a bang. I love the Sluggish Moorse guy. He makes some real good shit

  7. Geez that first game is a fever dream. Love the music in all seriousness.

  8. fruitcake would be fine if they just stopped shoving raisins into it
    raisins ruin everything they're added to

  9. confirmed vinny doesnt know how christmas works

  10. Soon as he started abusing the crouch I rolled my eyes and instantly knew he was gonna get stuck

  11. The first game had a serious Residents vibe.

  12. The music in the first one is really incredible. I've feverishly searching for a way to download it.

  13. I went and read Little Match Girl
    Vinny why do you always lead me on to read the most fucked up shit.

  14. I don't know if its too late to say this, but the last game isn't a kid's game of what i looked up, its rated teen, even the tagline of the front and back of the box says "only looks like a kids' game"

  15. I had a really good sleep with the first game, very nice. I want it again

  16. does anyone know what the middle story of the first game is based on
    with the dude turning into a tree

  17. jackspinoza makes allot of depressing games the stage is like the first game

  18. I dont really have any family to spend the holidays with and it never feels like Christmas for me, but the shitty gifs and midi music Vinny played really did something for me and gave me a whiff of cheer. Thanks for being there this past year, Vinny

  19. 1:14:05 What? I mean, it doesn't seem like anything is trying to kill them on purpose?

  20. Fucking Beth, always bitching about precaution and safety.

  21. I wonder if Santa actually fucks with that female reindeer, not aroused just curious.

  22. These were some quality games, I'm planning on getting atleast 2 and a seventh of them. Also whoever came up with double ad's at YT HQ is going to hell.

  23. I legit cried my eyes out when the Little Butane Boy story came in the first game. The Little Match Girl already makes me cry, but the modernization of it works so well, and the prose is as beautiful as the original. Even the rabbit works. The entire game seems to be grabbing Christmas stories and refining them for an adult audience- but not to be edgy. No, it is to remind us of their beauty, their strange, strange beauty and melancholy. I think it's one of the best Sunday stream games Vinny's ever played.

  24. I would love to know where if found that seasons greetings 1996 gif.

  25. I had a major jaw surgery this month- I can't eat any food and I'm in constant pain. Thanks for helping me feel a little Christmas spirit with these stupid Christmas game streams. I haven't been able to do any Christmas traditions.

  26. what if santa is a genie and someone wished for him to give gifts to all the worlds children?

    kind of heartwarming actually.

  27. I'd almost like to see Vinny play the Garbagefield game, it was suprisingly great

  28. Sometimes i just come back here for the soundtrack of the first game.

  29. I'm trying to sleep, it's Halloween, and I somehow ended up with this stream in the background. You truly can't escape christmas.

  30. It's almost christmas….



  31. Would you like a cranberry flavoured soft drink?

  32. Opinions on each game & it's gameplay:

    2:05: A Christmas Game – Nice Kalimba music & clay style, but yeah, it is very depressing, especially "The Little Butane Boy" :'(
    Story 2 was messed up, because the man was literally objectified, & story 3 was tragic.

    21:37: A Very Last Minute Christmas – Amazing jazzy music, funny dialogue & sfx, but that game looks almost impossible to beat, due to that strict time limit & having to find all gifts, wrap them & walk out the door on time…

    27:34: Christmas Gift – Uh…that's it?! Wow…what a game…

    29:30: Losers on a Christmas Eve – The character models are definately cursed! XD
    The game does have that Christmas spirit feel, though, & is MILES better than Christmas Gift was.
    The "Only Ho ho hos quit!" & "Need Money for Food? Ho ho ho, have some socks!" parts were funny.

    37:23: Thirstiest Time of the Year – WTF?! An evil cursed commercial featurung Sprite Cranberry? Why does this type of horror game exist?

    44:56: Santa's Nightmare – The evil murderous children say "Yay…" & Santa looks like King K.Rool in a Santa Suit.

    50:21: Santa's Sweatshop – Oh, urm…doesn't look like that game's playable. Also, "Why do I have to be crotch level with Santa?!" XD

    55:07: The Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa – I like how authentic the VHS effects are. Also, the ability to change the effects or turn them off is a neat feature.
    The best part is Vinny voice acting Beth, Earl, David & Susan, especially when Beth has had enough of being ignored by Earl:

    Beth: "Yeah I died again…this is my last life!"
    Earl: "Beff if you do it again, you're off the mission. That's it, you're done."
    Beth: "Yeah I am. I'll f***ing die for real this time!"

    1:26:17: Wreck the Party: Christmas Edition – The one & only fruitcake I'll ever like. She's so funny! Also, Vinny got her flying through space!

    1:35:49: Spud! – Oh God, dead blooded elves in a children's 90s game? Gees…

  33. That santa game looks amazing and that life system seems like the absolute worst idea possible for it. Hope the final version ditches it
    …the itchio URL goes to a 404 now btw did it get axed?

  34. half the stream is just vinny talking about eating boogers. dude really had no content here huh

  35. I'm just gonna say it, the perception of fruitcake as disgusting comes entirely from the way mass-produced, prepackaged fruitcake looks and tastes as opposed to a traditional handmade one, and I'd wager that at least 50% of all people who go off about how awful fruitcake is have never had so much as one bite of it before in either traditional or prepackaged form.

  36. i fell asleep to the first segment last night and had the most bizarre dream

  37. We still reference Butane Boy in my house

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