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Vlogmas day 16 | chat | ‘weird’ Birthday present & Christmas games

The Fighting Felter
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Hey everyone

I hope you are all well ?

Thank you all 😘


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  1. Susan, you must be really over the moon that you have beaten your prognosis, l'm thrilled for you…ross and all of your family. Happy new year..hopefully i'll be texting you and your healh next year p.g.

  2. Hi hun I could listen to you all day long! tell you what you made me hungry there right at the end yummy!!! 🍔🍟🍽 bye for now my friend 😍💗💗

  3. Your Christmas plans sound lovely. It'll be fun to watch Kaiden's room get made over. I have lots of home projects underway myself, so it's always nice to watch someone else's efforts for inspiration.
    Love and Peace, Be. <3

  4. I think your vlogs are really lovely whatever you do Sam x Boys definitely get away with more than girls – he'll do it with his charm! He is lovely x I just plan on staying at home this Christmas, due to my job I have had Christmas dinner anywhere in-between, and it's a 4 day holiday isn't it so will – 'restrictions' allowing – will be able to celebrate with family during this period x We don't play any games or quizzes, don't know why, but they sound fun! Sounds like you've got a busy time ahead. Enjoy xx

  5. I love watching make over videos, it’s great to see the before and after , for Christmas we will just be myself and my husband, but Boxing Day all my kids and there partners and my wee grandson are all coming to us for dinner,it’s the whole Christmas dinner , my house will be full but we will enjoy it ,then next year they all come to me on Christmas Day ,and on Boxing Day we all go to my daughter Samantha’s house , I hope you get to see your daughters new house tomorrow she will be really excited,god I can rabbit on , take care till next time ❤️❤️

  6. I’m really tempted to try the Hello Fresh box it looks delicious. We are just having a quiet Christmas this year but as a family we love playing games. It’s starts with laughter and usually ends in tears!! I remember changing my sons bedroom from young boy to teen and the amount of toys that I gave away was unbelievable, you don’t realise how much you buy until it’s time to declutter. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day, it sounds like you have a good laugh. Take good care.❤️🥰

  7. Now's the time to clean out the toys some other little fella would get some use. Sounds like some exciting makeover times. This Christmas we are going to my daughter's house she is off she's a nurse in icu so a busy girl. Glad you're all getting together for xmas. ❤️

  8. Hi Sam, I really like your channel because you bring us into your home and you are real. You are down to earth and easy to listen to.
    I myself am not doing anything for Christmas. Two of my daughters will be spending Christmas together and they live in town here but it is a long story. My middle daughter is coming one day over the weekend to have a meal together and my son will be here.
    I will be having Christmas with my Chihuahua and she is good company.
    I am glad you will be with family. Take care

  9. You just keep being you sweet lady! Just hearing from you is enough! Lots of love to you and your Ross and family. Check your Paypal.

  10. My kitties Murphy ❤️ and Lana ❤️ says:

    Ok, you made me hungry☺️ sounds like a fun holiday with your family. I love your accent. Are you talking about the game called “heads up?” That is a lot of fun.

  11. Wondering if the Steroids will make you more hungry?

  12. I love any video of yours, I’d love to see what you do with your sons room. I need some inspiration. For Christmas my husband and I moved into our new house in November so my kids are coming to us for the first time ever. I’m so excited. Sending you tons of love, hugs and never ending prayers 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  13. What a wonderful present, that is a friend that knows exactly what you need and want. When we started chatting it was right at the beginning, more or less, now look at the number of subscribers you have. I’m not at all surprised, you are so genuine, straightforward and a friend that we’d all love to have. I was going to say at the very beginning that we should be friends on Fb, remember I’m a crafting technophobe….. what a mix, but that’s me lol. Let me know how you think about Fb?. Tell me about hello fresh, I’m so put off about the price, that’s an assumption on my side because I don’t know how expensive they are but they look great. Take care honey, chat tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♀️🤩🎄 ps your Christmas tree is lovely! xXx

  14. My son and I going to my Daughter's xmas day for lunch and i love it see my Granddaughters and meal is cooked for me and plenty 🥂😊

  15. Hello sweet Samantha
    We are all behind you,sweetie
    Sorry you haven’t been feeling too well
    Samantha,is a great friend
    Take care

  16. Anything you do is fantastic
    It’s just great to listen to you and be part of your Family

  17. Well Sam were alone this Xmas for the first time in so many years ; our granddaughter who’s six has covid our daughter has to isolate until 22nd ;children spending Xmas with their dad after isolation so we won’t see anyone only on FaceTime till the 30th so not a great xmas; but it is what it is ;I can’t change it ;I’m glad you’re having a lovely Xmas ;I love prawn cocktail it’s my favourite haven’t had it in years since we left Grimsby 2010and moved to Andover where she lived Karen needed me to look after her ; love see you cooking always in our prayers take care god bless not worked out how to email you yet maybe you should do it to me first lol ;I’m old school so not that great ;it took me ages to learn my iPhone that should tell you what I’m like anyway take care xx

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