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Warhammer 40,000 Christmas Battleforces revealed! NO XENOS FOR YOU

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This time round the Christmas tree we have Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Custodes, Imperial Knights, Thousand Sons and Death Guard.

So, six Imperium boxes and two ex-Imperium boxes. Lets take a look anyway!


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  1. WTF? Where are all the other faction's Battleforce boxes? Only 8 out of 20 factions, most of these already existed and NONE are xenos……. GW doing things the GW way…… Fucking retardedly.

  2. Surprised we don’t get any Eldar this year given half the range has been refreshed… or any Xenos…

  3. Do we know a possible price point or preorder date?

  4. Oh man I missed being the 69th comment again. 70 I loath you.

  5. Sad to see the rumored "Kasr Wall Garrison" box for the guard didn't materialize. With a Lord Solar and Lady Creed coming out they could have even done the whole named commander with retinue theme they are going for with the rest of the boxes. Also these are just odd choices. The Knights boxes is the only one that's cool to me and that's just because it's 1/2 an army in a single box.

  6. my dad wants to start a custodes army… and the combat patrol box has sisters which i dont wanna bother painting.. so that battleforce box is looking really good as birthday/christmas present.

  7. I'm curious to see the pricing. cos I actually own Magnus, but no thousands sons and have been thinking about trying to start an army of them. So if I could buy this box and then sell the magnus model, I wonder how much of a saving it could be

  8. And here's me hoping for Karandras and plastic scorpions or a new Red Terror guess nothing for me to buy this year or until they decide to do new Eldar or Tyranids I know it'll be a long wait you know after they update Space marines another 3 times

  9. Yeah the titan box looks good since I already have 1 titan(crusader) already. Wish there were more xeno options

  10. I was really hoping for Eldar or T'au. Especially T'au could have been awesome with Shadowsun leading a bunch of Crisis Suits.

  11. The Death Guard one is pretty lame, it's got 2 of the units pretty much EVERYONE buys starting out, and Mortarion uses Deathshroud as his body guards not Blightlords

  12. Morvenn Vahl and SIX Paragon warsuits is ridiculous. I might get it.

  13. might grab that fists box, add it to me templars, been really wanting more chunky bois

  14. Most fun? Actually that AoS Squig box. AGE OF SQUIGMAR

  15. Lol 2 loyalist space marine fairly generic chapters too.

  16. Decent for new armies, most players have full armies or 2/3rds of the box already; so it's pretty much you talking yourself into more doubles/triples or more of what you have and don't need. I'll say these are the boxes that the combat patrols and army boxes should have been when they killed the more decent start collecting. GW just are terrible at army and starter composition. Really they should dump the extra copy paste of 1-2 squads, go buy them extra. The boxes are just terrible. Just give us a Christmas sale GW, or black friday, just give us a week that is 20% off already crap pricing so it at least feels we are paying pre panda mike prices.

  17. No HH or Adeptus Titanicus or Neco thats sucks a bit

  18. The Thousand Sons box gets a few extra points from me, because it has ZERO TZAANGORS. First army bundle in years not to choke people with the change goats. That alone makes it a step up.

  19. I think there are a lot more people that are hobbyist first and gamers second. I bought the 8th edition starter box for the death guard, but never actually played a game with them (partially because I was in college for all but the last year of 8th). Anyways, I still like the army, but I have BA and Orks that I actually play with.

    That being said, I've added to my Death Guard, but never a big purchase like Mortarion. I absolutely love the model, but couldn't get myself to drop the money. If this box set is 200 usd…I'm so in.

  20. I think these aren meant to entice people to start second armies. I collect blood angels, but also love the thousand sons' aesthetic. While I do feel like they should've thrown in some scarab occult terminators, this is quite tempting

  21. All I see is well this is gonna have the USA tax of an extra 100 bucks plus. Knights would be fun I just wish there was another big knight.

  22. Ravenguard one sucks, the warsuits are like the opposite of sneaky idc what the article says big suits are not stealthy. And phobos units kind of suck. Would have been better with strike and like 10 vanguard marines and 20 reivers

  23. I have a theory that GW doesn't want them to sell out as fast this year. So they put a named character in every box to make them less appealing to established players.

  24. It would be awesome if they adjusted the imperial fists box with intercessors and a dreadnought……with just 5 heavy intercessors

  25. I think a pure firstborn Christmas box set would sell faster than a Battle Sister's dirties

  26. What I don't get is why they didn't do a Votann one or an Eldar one. Like what? New models not getting a chance to sell???

  27. I know I told this to Valrak or however you spell his name. I had a change of mind with a good thonk and just the Death Gaurd. To me it is a good and dissent start if I maybe honest

  28. Need more xenos, but I like the Knight and the Death Guard boxes

  29. I don't get why they didn't make an eldar box, because they made a bunch of new models for them

  30. Nope. It's just the dearth of Xenos. No wonder I play AoS over "nothing but imperium". And even AoS is already pretty bad with how damned many Stormcast there are compared to every other neglected army

  31. I find it weird how every year people come up with preferred content or armies for these boxes. You've got this and nothing more; buy or don't buy, those are your options.

  32. I initially misread maniple as manpile, which is appropriate because this is just a pile of mankind.

  33. Yes the kids Christmas wont be ruined by those xenos. Nice video. Keep up the good work.

  34. First time iv seen nothing I want. They seem to me like there geared to new players or new to a faction.

  35. I think with the release of the Astra Militarum Cadia Stand boxset, they haven't been fully release as seperate kits for them to be in this year Christmas boxset like these models are. Maybe next year with the Rogal Dorn? They could've done the Aeldari since they came out earlier, a lot of interesting models we had this year, mostly the Aurotarch and the Avatar of Khaine! At least they have a couple of boxsets that caught my attention: Adepta Sororitas and imperial Knight (or Chaos Knights).

  36. I think a lot of these are pretty good starts to an army, but as a Thousand Sons player, I just have no reason to buy that box

    Funny enough, the Imperial Fists box is the most appealing of the 40K boxes, because sooo much Gravis, which goes perfectly for a home brew chapter I’m working on. And I can turn Garradon into a useful HQ.

  37. None of these jump out at me, cause none of it iz Orky enough ta me likin’!!!!!

  38. Both the Thousand Sons and Death Guard boxes look amazing. Choices, choices…

  39. I'm kind of surprised that they've not pushed up into a new wave of Votann. Maybe they're holding it back to it's own thing in the new year as the kits are newer and they don't want to dilute focus though.

  40. As a new Tsons player I would not buy maggie first as he’s a big intimidating model to buy and paint plus it rarely works well in smaller games, so these boxes seem great as you finally don’t have a box of tzaangors

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