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Who’s your Daddy Vs Aunt Jenna! Save the Baby!! Gaming with Aunt Jenna

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Aunt Jenna is back in this family gaming video with Ethan and Cole!! The Sneak attack Squad crew is playing Who’s Your Daddy and that crazy baby is back to terrorize and scare his dad into saving him. Meanwhile, Aunt Jenna brings over her creepy new boyfriend who looks a little too familiar to the boys…maybe a babysitter back for another challenge with our favorite brothers? Watch and see if you can try not to laugh with all the crazy action that’s about to go down!!

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  1. ethan in cole what is your fav xbox or ps5

  2. And what I mean before I meant like 2017 or I think 2018

  3. I wonder what happened to there old nerf content and why dose ethan face and voice and way deeper

  4. Is coley 9 i just use math if he is….
    Im 8

  5. The dad is just like the ghost in this video

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  7. Can you give a shout owt to zorbs that's me I'm subscribed please

  8. Hi ethan and cole i am namish and i like your videos can we be best friends

  9. Hey Ethan and Cole can you guys plz make a nerf video

  10. Dude nerf are so cool my brother and I battle it is so cool i have only fire strike and blaze storm

  11. It was a while ago since I watched this channel's video

  12. Wow so aunt jenna got a new boyfriend

  13. @SuperHeroKids what is up I love your videos and you guys are super rich I'm a huge fan I watched the video you filmed yesterday

  14. why Ethan always lose and I like your videos

  15. when will you and cole start posting video in sneak attack squad channel

  16. you are my favorite youtuber my support is always there for you

  17. When Ethen hit the babysitters head I will say… somebody call an ambulance!

  18. ethan end cole when i think of something sad i watch all of your vidios in make me happy

  19. can you make more vidios at a single day pls 😢😢😢😢😢

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