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Why Are There No Good Christmas Games?

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  1. That one toca boca Christmas Salon game:

  2. Elf bowling definitely isn’t the perfect Christmas game.

    Nintendo was the one who made the perfect Christmas game.

    It was like a calendar but every single day in December you could play a new level.

    You were a snow man

    Jesus I forgot the name but that is the perfect December game

  3. Little Inferno? Isn't that game made by the same people who worked on World of Goo?

  4. how about that sega game with santa?

  5. Spiderman miles morales is the best Christmas game in my opinion

  6. There is Minecraft Christmas map though

  7. there’s a mega man christmas carol trilogy of fan games. you fight robot versions of the spirits of christmas, marley, scrooge, tiny tim, the heat and snow misers from rankin bass, and even brainwashed dr light in a santa outfit!
    also: postal 2: happy night mod

  8. how can you say theres no christmas games when christmas shopper simulator is right there

  9. Ebenezer and the invisible world just recently released early November
    One month before christmas
    Its a metroidvania based on the christmas Carol
    Haven't played it yet but I might get it at the end of the month it look great just by watching clips and gameplay footage

  10. because santa doesn’t give christmas gifts to bad boys who are really greedy (good games make too much money)

  11. There used to be a lot of good Christmas games. That was back in the DOS days when games were much smaller and easier to make. A lot of them were just glorified add ons or asset packs but some of them were really good.

  12. Christmas mods are my goto. I can install them for Christmas, and remove them afterwards.

  13. in the same way batman is a christmas game you could probably include like the first couple yakuza games

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