Winter Brain Break Activity - Find The Gnome! | An Interactive Christmas Game | Holiday PE Games -

Winter Brain Break Activity – Find The Gnome! | An Interactive Christmas Game | Holiday PE Games

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Winter Brain Break Activity – Find The Gnome – Winter Edition! If you’re still looking for winter classroom games or Christmas movement activities, you don’t want to miss Find The Gnome! It’s officially a winter take over in this edition of Find The Gnome, and it may be the most challenging one yet. In this fun interactive Christmas game, you will watch and track the gnome as they move and hide behind the ornaments throughout the round. Guess where they are hiding by performing the dance, yoga pose, or exercise associated with that ornament. Find The Gnome – makes for a fun fitness workout that can be used as a classroom brain break, a fun movement game, a fun Holiday PE game, or as a GoNoodle alternative. Interactive fitness games are the best! There are 3 different levels in this Christmas game that players will try to beat. Each level will progressively get more difficult. If you like the “On The Run” series then you will definitely love the “Find the Gnome” series as well. This activity makes for a fun Winter brain break, Christmas game, winter game, holiday classroom game, or an interactive winter activity. Find The Gnome Winter Edition can also be fun Christmas PE games or Holiday PE games and is perfect for anyone looking for a holiday workout, winter fitness game, or holiday brain break. Don’t miss out on my previous Christmas games – I Spy Winter Edition, Yoga Freeze Dance – Winter Edition, Winter Run – North Pole Edition, and my all-time favorite Elves On The Run! ☃️ Be on the look-out this month for more Christmas games and Physical Education games, as I plan on releasing 3 new activities! 🎅

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Be sure to check out my entire collection of Holiday brain break activities, PE games, movement games, and fitness workout activities. Some of the most popular being the “On The Run” and “Find The Gnome” series such as Elves On The Run, Rabbits On The Run, Leprechauns On The Run, Find The Gnome Valentine’s Day Edition, and more!

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  1. Thanks for watching! Have an idea for a new game?! Feel free to leave it in the comments for a shout-out in a future video! ❤

  2. Thank you so much for these. I have been using them for what seems like forever!

  3. Super love your PE games, especially the "Elves on the Run"!!!! My students love doing your PE exercises. Thanks for making these. Such a big help especially for preschool who are still having online learning at home. ❤

  4. Hey Mr G. you have no idea. I was just about to write to you to ask you if you were gonna do a Winter one! We have an all school assembly next week and I wanted to run this game! You are amazing and thank you for sharing all your work. I don't think you know how many teachers you help on a daily basis. (it also helps I go by Mr G haha!0

  5. Thank you so much, my kinders love these!

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