Winter Run! - A Christmas Brain Break Activity | An Interactive Winter Game | Fun Holiday Workout -

Winter Run! – A Christmas Brain Break Activity | An Interactive Winter Game | Fun Holiday Workout

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Winter Run – North Pole Edition is the perfect Christmas brain break that everyone will enjoy. The “On The Run” series is back, and this time it’s a North Pole take over. In this fun interactive winter game, you will help collect the missing presents while trying to avoid the obstacles along the way. This winter brain break activity also makes for a fun holiday workout that everyone can enjoy! Winter Run – North Pole Edition is very similar to my “on the run” games/activities, only this one has all new elements added to it. There are 3 different levels in this Christmas game that players will try to beat. Each level will progressively get more difficult. This activity makes for a fun Winter brain break, Christmas game, winter game, holiday movement break, or an interactive winter activity. Winter Run – North Pole Edition, can also be used a Physical Education as a Christmas PE game, a Winter physed game, or a fun warm up activity. Winter Run is perfect for anyone looking for a holiday workout, winter fitness game, or holiday brain break. Don’t miss out on my previous Christmas games – I Spy Winter Edition, Yoga Freeze Dance – Winter Edition, and my all-time favorite Elves On The Run! ☃️ Be on the look-out this month for more Christmas games and Physical Education games, as I plan on releasing 3 new activities! 🎅

Looking for more PE games and activities? Be sure to check out my website: The link can be found above! My goal for this channel is to provide new games and ideas for elementary PE. PE With Mr G focuses on providing fun pe games and physed game ideas such as warm ups, instant activities, throwing games, rolling games, kicking games, football games, basketball, hockey, baseball, tag, soccer, jump roping, big team games, classroom management, PE at home, and cooperation and teamwork games/ideas. If you ever have a question, please feel free to ask, as I would love to help any way that I can. Thank you so much for watching!

Be sure to check out my entire collection of Christmas brain break activities, PE games, movement games, and fitness workout activities. Some of the most popular being the “On The Run” and “Find The Gnome” series such as Elves On The Run, Rabbits On The Run, Leprechauns On The Run, Find The Gnome Valentine’s Day Edition, and more!

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